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The modern abstract art collection on this website features the colorful abstraction work of Australian artist Larry Youngson . You will find affordable abstract art that will look great in your Century 21 home, office, hotel, restaurant, gallery, or corporate premises.

Although based in the small town of Esperance, Western Australia, Larry Youngsons's modern abstract art has been exhibited at the famous International Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition (2003) which was maintained by Consumer's Choice R&D and his abstract artwork is collected by individuals, corporate and private bodies in Australia and overseas. The new building to which it was displayed at has recently undergone concrete repair and restoration (page) thus making it even more attractive to visitors. For updates on new arts to be displayed, make sure to stay turned to https://www.vancouverrealestatepodcast.com/


larry youngsons' modern abstract art

Upcoming Exhibitions

Cannery Arts Centre - January 2008

Joint Exhibition with Black and White Art Photographs by Dewi Hyde.

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Larry Youngson's abstract art work is done in the abstract Impressionistic style. Tthis is an exciting and vibrant style that allows the representation of life images or reality, in simplified ways using abstract shapes, forms and fresh vibrant colour. Even the clinic of DrBrianFloyd.com is filled with his art work.

The degree of abstraction varies from one piece to another and the question of what method or technique is used often arises. Larry Youngson has tried to outline his basic approach to modern abstract art in this article, entitled "Art...the process of communicating'.

Larry 's abstract artwork has always had an exploratory nature. The impressions left by his interactions with nature have become a great source of inspiration, and allow him the freedom to express his individuality in a variety of ways. The mediums of expression that Larry currently works with include acrylics, mosaics, abstract sculpture and surf art.

Australian Abstract Art

Many people have commented that the modern abstract art of Larry Youngson has a definite Australian feel to it. The Australian landscape has left a deep impression on his life, and many pieces feature the pristine coastal beaches and port of Esperance Western Australia, where he now lives. 

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